HealthCore™, translate HL7 into SQL

HealthCore™ connects your HL7 system to your SQL database within minutes. Mapping the HL7 fields to SQL columns was never easier!

The HealthCore™ HL7 Integration Engine has been specifically designed to help you find your way through the HL7 jungle that's out there. With ease in mind, installation, configuration and maintenance have all been kept as user-friendly & transparent as possible.

From now on you can be sure that all your HL7 messages will be processed in a swift & reliable way.

HealthCore™ offers:
Installs in 5 minutes
configuration & maintenance
Fully configurable
SQL database mapping
Converts incoming values
to application specific
Default column values
Configurable allow/deny rules
Support for HL7 to
XML conversion
Keepalive and connection recovery
Available as Windows Service
or application
Multithreaded for
optimal performance
Advanced logging
Performance analysis
Available for all major
SQL servers

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